It’s that time of year: time to dig through those drawers, closets and the garage. Chances are you’ll find an old laptop, last-generation smartphone or obsolete PC that can’t keep up with today’s rapidly evolving technology.
That’s exactly what the staff at Caisse Cité-du-Nord de Montréal did—and for a good cause. The result? A dozen old computers, monitors, keyboards and mice were donated to the Micro-Recyc-Cooperation organization as part of the Ton ordi autour du cou project, another successful collaboration with Espace collectif Desjardins.

Micro-Recyc-Cooperation: raising awareness about electronic waste
Did you know that it takes 200 kg of gasoline, 22 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tons of water to make a single computer? Did you also know that North America ships off most of its electronic waste to southern countries (Africa, Haiti, etc.)? These communities, which have little information at their disposal, do not have much experience with the issue and often face harsh socioeconomic conditions, end up paying the price for our overconsumption—in health and environmental costs.
That’s where Micro-Recyc-Cooperation comes in. This talented team trains and educates the young and old alike on IT recycling through an outreach and reuse program. How do they do it? They organize workshops in neighbourhood schools to make people aware of the issues surrounding e-waste, the digital divide and the benefits of reuse that naturally emerge when this waste is managed properly.
After restoring your donated computer, Micro-Recyc-Cooperation will send it to our southern partners (students and universities) to break the cycle of isolation and foster education and knowledge.

Financial and material contributions
In addition to donating IT equipment, your caisse also wrote Micro-Recyc-Cooperation a cheque for $5,000 to transport the donations and organize workshops on making jewellery from discarded electronic parts.
We encourage you to follow in the caisse’s footsteps and support this worthy cause. Colleagues, hockey teams, family members—come together and do some IT spring cleaning to help young students in Africa and Haiti have better access to education and freedom of knowledge.
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