The gem of the Villeray district, the Jean Talon market brings the charm and spirit of village life to the heart of the city. Montreal’s best-known urban market is a kaleidoscope of colorful, fresh products and friendly faces where shopping is a social affair.

Everything you need for the table
The Jean-Talon market was established in 1933 and has been part of Montreal’s fabric and identity ever since. As the largest outdoor public market in city—and in North America for that matter!—it’s in a class of its own. In addition to fruit, vegetable, and flower stands, it boasts a wide range of specialty shops featuring spices, oils, cheeses, meats, desserts, alcohol, and regional specialties from across the province.


Open all year round!
Did you know that the Jean Talon Market is open in winter? At the end of October, panels are installed to enclose the market so that visitors can shop in comfort, even when temperatures drop.
Most merchants are active all year round, with 27 shops and 28 stands continuing to sell their wares throughout the winter season. And in November, Christmas tree producers set up their shops in preparation for the Holiday season.

A people place
Merchants and customers share a two-way relationship at the market. Producers try new vegetable varieties that they offer to their customers, while shoppers head home with new ideas on how to prepare their latest finds. A genuine institution, the Jean Talon market is like a little town unto itself. The thousands of people who shop there make it a friendly people place. And the quality of the products on offer is matched by the human connections that make it so special—just like your Caisse!