We were delighted to learn that three schools in our community have won a #DesjardinsFoundation prize to carry out a project designed to help build the self-esteem, motivation and engagement of young people. Here are our big winners!

• Mini-chef du futur – Saint-Benoît School
Cooking is a blast! Through this project, a teacher at Saint-Benoît Elementary School in Ahuntsic is seeking to pass on her passion for cooking to her students by exploring great Quebec culinary classics and teaching them how to cook simple and nutritious recipes they can try at home. The goal: teach young people that healthy cooking can also be delicious!

• Comprendre la surdité et découvrir la LSQ – Lucien-Pagé School
This project takes an inclusive, globally-minded approach to give hearing youth at Lucien-Pagé Secondary School the chance to socialize more with deaf students. Every morning from Monday to Friday, a hearing special educator, a deaf special educator and a hearing psychoeducator who knows Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) will invite about 40 young people for breakfast to discuss various topics related to deafness and LSQ. What a wonderful initiative!

• Sport et saines habitudes de vie – Ahuntsic School (Annexe)
Last but not least, this Ahuntsic primary school project is designed to get students to take part in a school duathlon at the end of the year. To train, students ride indoor bikes (“spinning”) and then go running in the park near the school. The goal is to teach young people the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles through exercise and a healthy diet.

In all, the Desjardins Foundation has donated more than $450,000 to support 199 outstanding projects across the province. Thanks to the #DesjardinsFoundation prizes, 29,345 young people will benefit from the various initiatives on offer this year.

Thank you to all the dedicated teachers and others who took the time to share their projects with us!