The Young Intern Officers and Intern Officers programs are another way for your caisse to convey its mission of economic, financial and cooperative education and community engagement in a concrete, tangible way.

As intern officers, student and worker members are given the opportunity to play an active role in the democratic process at work in their financial cooperative while volunteering for an organization that makes a real difference in the community.

Role of intern officers

Intern officers work with the caisse’s elected officials and learn about the role of caisse directors by:

  • Attending all board of directors and board of supervision meetings
  • Taking part in discussions and training activities
  • Serving on working groups from time to time
  • Proposing new ideas to improve member services
  • Having a hand in the development of the caisse and community
  • Honing their skills and strategic knowledge through a specialized training program

Unlike elected officers, intern officers have no voting rights.

To be eligible for intern officer programs, you must be a caisse member, not be or become a caisse employee during the internship and be 18 to 30 years old (for the Young Intern Officer program only).