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Our priority is offering financial services tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses and legal entities.

Our raison d’être

Thanks to its members and employees, Caisse Desjardins du Centre-Nord de Montréal enriches the lives of individuals and communities.

Our vision

To be an innovative, inspiring and effective financial partner.

Our ambition

To be everyone’s #1 choice.

Our Cooperative difference

We participate in the sustainable development of our home environment by supporting value-added projects for the community.

Our commitment

gensOffer people-centric services by putting our members’ interests first.

martoPursue the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct.

compassPromote our employees’ personal and professional development in a creative, engaging workplace.

fonddaideBe an important, strong socioeconomic player in our community.

Ensure asset sustainability.

Our team

Meet the team

Our community

Ahuntsic and Villeray