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Our priority is offering financial services tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses and legal entities.

Our fundamental purpose

Caisse Desjardins du Centre-Nord de Montréal enriches the lives of individuals and communities through its members and employees.

Our vision

To be a forward-thinking, inspiring and effective financial partner.

Our ambition

To be first in people’s hearts.

Our Cooperative difference

The caisse gives back to the community to aid its development by providing financial support to organizations and projects that give residents a better quality of life.

Our commitment

gensOffer our services in a people-centric way by putting our members’ interests first.

martoPursue the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct.

compassAs a model employer, promote our employees’ personal and professional development in a creative, engaging workplace.

fonddaideBe an important, strong socioeconomic player in our community.

Ensure the sustainability of our assets.

Our team

Get to know our team

Our community

Ahuntsic and Villeray