Your caisse offers a range of routine transaction solutions: simple, flexible, practical, time-saving programs and services tailored to your needs.

View your statements and manage your plans

Get all your account information online (past transactions on your caisse and credit card accounts, associated fees, loans, guaranteed investments, Desjardins funds and tax slips) and manage your accounts and transaction plans directly using the “Select a plan” feature on AccèsD Internet and mobile.

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Deposit or receive funds in your account

Deposit a cheque using your smartphone or tablet with mobile deposit. Have your pay cheque or government benefits deposited directly in your account with direct deposit. Transfer money to someone or receive money from Desjardins or another Canadian financial institution with Interac e-Transfers and money transfers between individuals. It’s fast, easy and secure!

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Automatic bill payment

Pay your bills (e.g., phone, electricity, gas, cable, city and school taxes, credit card, Desjardins Accord D financing) via AccèsD Internet and mobile or preauthorize bill payments with direct withdrawal. No more stamps, cheques or waiting in line!

Online payment

Manage your budget and finances online

Get a clear picture of your income and living expenses with the My Budget budget management tool. Get an overview of all the financial assets and liabilities you hold with Desjardins. Purchase new Desjardins products and services. Managing your finances has never been so easy!

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